Line-fishing by the Balaton-lake


Name: Line-fishing by the Balaton-lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Zánka
Address: 8250 Zánka, Petőfi utca 10.


A peaceful and successful predatory fish and many anglers angling fun way feasible. The eating habits of fish you want to catch water type, seasons, time of the day but is subject to change. Hungary diverse fish fauna and water resources allows anglers to personal taste, the best fishing method vérmérsékletünknek practicing indulge our favorite pastime, a sport fishing.

Detailed information

Opening period:September 1. - May 31.
Opening hours:From september to mai:10:00 - 18:00
Prices:Weekly fee: Adult: 8000 Ft; Daily fee: Adult: 2000 HUF
Wheelchair accessible:partially
Discounts:student, pensioner
Languages:English, Hungarian, German, Russian
Fishing possibility
Water area:0 ha


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