River Tisza 494-638 kilometre


Name: River Tisza 494-638 kilometre
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Záhony
Address: 4625 Záhony, 494-638 fkm


The Tisza River in the Ukraine, Maramures, in the snow, 1886 feet above the Black and White from the confluence of the Tisza formed. At some length of 1419 km. Several small, unsuccessful attempts of Count István Széchenyi organized the current regulation, which is the 1846th on 27 August began. The Hungarian section of Tisza 597 km long. Let the river for fishing conditions. Of course there is an annual regional fishing license and daily engaged in, or permit is available in your area. The annual regional licenses for $ 13,500, a weekly ticket for £ 3,500 a day ticket and £ 650 of angling all year round, day and night are authorized. In our film Tiszadob section between the jury and learn about the opportunities offered by closer look. Our way of Conquest Age settlement, Tiszadobról start. In 1846, was launched by the Countess Szechenyi Istvan Tisza control. The high tide due to living conditions in the area of ​​flora and fauna of unparalleled richness. If Tiszadob, you definitely have to mention the Andrassy - Castle, which was built between 1880 and 1885, currently under renovation. We take the next town Tiszalök River Tisza. The Local Fair as part of the first power plant built in the Tiszalök Barrage, this was followed by huge interest in the construction. The construction of environmentally responsible power section offers the prospect of perhaps the best fishing. The low oxygen-rich, "pull" water, large fish fauna provides excellent living space. Particular emphasis should catch the robber of a very good chance opportunities. The boats are close to the center channel, catfish kutyogtathatnak results. It should not be fishing around the power plant kuriózumáról true, the cold winter evenings quantity of fish or fishing, which in January and February, the cold days of almost joined the mass will be and has now been restricted in size. Held every year a festival is named after the River Wide "Tisza" elnevezéssel.A Tisza serves as a natural border county of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties. Next town near the border of the county in Tokaj. The city first of all to think of wine - of course. It is also significant because it meets Bodroggal. Historic Tokaj wine region, and the World Heritage Site. Is home to many festivals throughout the year for all ages. If it is possible to win your approval of the city's many hotels to choose from, like tents come here, whether looking for calmer conditions. Hotels, motels apartments, camp sites, hostels are available wellness and true hospitality are waiting for their visitors. Tiszakarádi brings us to the river bottom, which is a real pákász - fishing village. The Tisza floodplain conservation area and Tisza Tiszakarád Csermely village boundaries, irreverence, Tiszaberceli floodplain landscape within the area. The typical image of the Upper Tisza region. The former Tisza river oxbow lakes left behind by the weather, lakes, large marshes and meadows, rivers and the accompanying willow gallery forests characterize the landscape. The beautiful landscapes along the river one can see. The conservation area can meet a lot of rare native plant species. As such, most people remember when the course of "ephemeral", which adds a wonderful experience for the visitors. Slowly the price we can Dombrád village. He received the International - Tisza program, because the county is the longest and most beautiful section of the tour. Excellent fishing spots created for the visitors. Záhony, as I always say to the east gate. It is no coincidence that the name because of the Tisza serves as a natural border between Hungary and Ukraine. There is no doubt that the country's most important river of talk, because even a poem he wrote about it in a famous poet. Build and destroy, entertained and sad, one thing is certain, is still a significant place in the natural values ​​of!

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Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:01/01-12/31 0:00-24:00
Prices:Annual adults: 13500 HUF, daily adult: 650 HUF year-old child: 2000 HUF child's day: 150 HUF
Fishing possibility
Name:Tisza folyó 498-638 fkm
Water area:1836 ha


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