Laczkó Dezső Museum


Name: Laczkó Dezső Museum
Type: Sights / secular public building
Settlement: Veszprém
Address: 8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.


On 24 May 1925, the 100 year-old county museum opened the doors of the "palace of culture," built to the plans of István Medgyaszay, to a public interested in historical treasures. In the permanent exhibition Millennia of the Bakony and the Balaton Uplands, visitors are shown the ancient history of the county, through the treasures of various archaeological ages. After the Conquest, the establishment and organisation of the Hungarian Monarchy was a decisive turning point. By the acceptance of Christianity, 1000 years ago, Grand Duke Géza and his son, King Stephen I, guaranteed the country a position among the states of Europe. Veszprém county was part of the property of the royal Árpád family. Veszprém is the county town - one of the first secular and ecclesiastical centres. Hungary flourished in the Middle Ages, but was split into three sections due to the Turkish occupation, and in terms of population and material resources, was to a large extent destroyed.

Detailed information

Phone:+3688788191, +3688426081
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Thuesday- Sunday: 10 am-6 pm Closed: Monday
Door money:For the whole house (permanent and seasonal): <br> Adults 1000 HUF <br> Students/Retired 500 HUF <br> Family ticket (2A+2C) 2000 HUF <br> Group (at least above 10 prs adult/student): 700/400 HUF <br> Permanent exhibitions: <br> Adult: 600 HUF <br> Stundent/Retired: 300 HUF <br> Family: 1200 HUF <br> Group: 500/250 HUF <br> Seasonal exhibitions:<br> Adult: 600 HUF <br> Student/Retired: 300 HUF <br> Family: 1200 HUF <br> Group: 500/250 HUF <br>
Professional guidance:Nyelv: magyar, felnőttek részére: 3000 Ft 20 főig, magasabb létszám esetén több csoportban ajánlott
Wheelchair accessible:no
Payment:Hungarian Tourist Card
Services:souvenir shop, toilet/WC, cloak-room
Architectural style:Art Nouveau
Function:cultural institution


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