Vasvár's Boating lake and Snake-king


Name: Vasvár's Boating lake and Snake-king
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Vasvár
Address: 9800 Vasvár, Fürdő utca


The lake originates in 1965 when there was a flood on the Csörnöc-Herpenyő brook. In order to prevent another flood, the inhabitants began to build a round dyke using the earth they excavated from the place where the lake can be found now. <br> The resulting pitch was quickly turned into a fishing-lake, where anglers started fishing 1968. The lake was developed 1992 and thus the town of Vasvár could boast two standing waters. There is an average of 20 centimetres of mud in the lake-bed, resting on solid ground. Its shores are steep and it deepens quickly. The head of the “U”-shaped water separated by a peninsula is 1.5 metres in the middle and 1.2 metres at the ends. The deepest trench, which is 30 cm deeper and 6-7 metres wide, can be reached from the tip of the peninsula. The lake-shore is intertwined with reed, bushes and groves. <br> <br> Water type: lead lake<br> Area: 4 ha<br> Deep: 1,3 m<br> Muddy bottom<br> Flora: reed, bush<br> Fishes: carp, bream, pike, bass, sheatfish<br> The lake was born in 1965, when the Csörnöc-Herpenyő watercourse was flooded. After the rehabilitaional works there were a big hole, which was filled with water later. From 1968 it was used as a fishing lake. In 1992 this lake was developed, so Vasvár city has already 2 lakes nowadays.

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Phone:+3694506835, +36703399705
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:0.00 - 24.00.
Prices:You can get more information about the prices the website.
Fishing possibility
Water area:4 ha


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