approachable: 87 The village lies on the edge of the Gyöngyös level, on both banks of the brook Surány. Vasasszonyfa is in 1937 by the Association of Kisasszonyfa and Nagyasszonyfa emerged, was first present name until two years later. The first written reference to the city, we from the year 1284 under the name Ozun preserved. Your name to it may be that in the Middle Ages, a good wife of the king was. End of the XII. Century, she was awarded the family Rumy, later came a part of the community... tovább ty in possession of the garays. Nagyasszonyfa and Kisasszonyfa were already in the XIV century separated from each other, but they were notably until XVI. Century differentiated. Connecting remained Nagyasszonyfa the big landowners, while Kisasszonyfa to the village of land aristocracy. On the hill between the two towns, the Vasasszonyfa, befandsich grave once a giant lawn, where the thousands of burials have taken place. From the last third of the VII Jahrhudnerts to the decades before the conquest, based here, cultivation and livestock breeding operating Awarengemeinschaft before their dead buried on the spot. The most famous came from here Fund is a bronze piece called big belt end, which is decorated with figures, whose strange image to a biblical scene indicates. From the many finds from the cemetery is also revealed that before the Avars also Romans lived in this and others whose Romans lived in this area, whose Graber just by the Avars were looted. Among the finds were some of the Firedhofs costumes vorstellende Andeneken a grave and several skulls in the chamber Museum, in a small room was set up desKulturhauses - issued. The predecessor of the Roman Catholic Assumption Kirhe started in 1318 vin bishop of Gyor to build. During the reformationen was first of the Reformed, later used by the Evangelikern, then came the church in 1674 back into the possession of de Catholics. In the years 1779, she was under the patronat the Esterházy family rebuilt and renovated in 1990. The front of the church standing in 1922 inaugurated monument of the hero from the First World War is the work of Soós Lajos. The stone crosses at the village end are interesting. In the village there is also a tennis court and bowling alley, both local young people, as well as the local young people, as well as visiting tourists Vergnügungsmöglichkeit.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Vas county
District: Szombathelyi
Subregion: Szombathelyi
Area: 10.65 km2
Population: 373 people
Webpage: www.vasasszonyfa.hu

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Cloudy: 90%
-1 °C
Windchill: -3 °C
Humidity: 90 %
Pressure: 1027 hPa
Wind: 8 km/h S

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Museum of the Avar Age

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Széchenyi utca 1.


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