„Naturally all around”


Name: „Naturally all around”
Type: Sights / excursion place
Settlement: Túrkeve
Address: 5420 Túrkeve, Petőfi S. tér 1.


At one time water enveloped Túrkeve, which lies on the right bank of Hortobágy – Berettyó – main channel, the beauty of which has been preserved a lot by the Körös-Maros National Park. This region is used to be called Hortobágy, because it resembles Hortobágy in several ways, too. Kunhalmok “Cumanian hillocks” can be seen at the boundary of the town, these strange man-made land elements are the “land pyramids” of the Carpathian basin. The at-one-time flooded land of Nagykunság is still full of the Cumanian hillocks nowadays. According to Illyés Gyula they are our “cathedrals”. Their name is convincing, since many of the Nagykunság hillocks had been built thousands of years before the arrival of the Cumanians. According to their characteristics, they were residential hills, burial grounds, guard- and border-hills. The “resident” of the alkaline Hungarian plain of the surroundings of Dévaványa – Ecsegfalva, the bustard, represents special values. Most viable population of the stocks of Central Europe and Hungary lives in this region. Bustard reserve was formed here in 1979 in order to protect the birds. Fekete István Oktatóközpont “Fekete István Education Centre” awaits lovers of nature, be either private persons, or groups. Among their services are touring guide, riding, riding lessons, the presentation of the natural values of animal – and plant world of our surroundings, - even in the frame of horse court excursion, too, besides the accommodation and meals provided for the youth. Apart from these, they also deal with among other things nature and other camps, forest-school, practical education, water trips, lectures, games, ecotourism and ornithology. Trips are organized to Körös-Maros National Park and Bustard Reserve in Ecsegfalva. Fekete István’s study track created by them can be visited individually or under an expert guide. Their offers further include the arrangement of craftsmanship learning and traditional craft-workshop visits.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Door money:free


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