The first written document mentioning the village of Tószeg is from 1368. An archaeological site from the Bronze Age called Laposhalom (Flat Mould) lying at the edge of the present settlement is of European renown. Laposhalom is the earliest excavated site from the Bronze Age in Eastern Europe and one of the most famous sites unearthed in the territory of Hungary. A kitchen utensil found here is one of the rarities of the Alföld (Great Plain) Region. Sites to visit in the village include the... tovább collection of local history with permanent exhibitions of the artefacts of the Laposhalom excavation and a display of the Tószeg pottery tradition. The Reformed church built in 1730 and the somewhat younger Roman Catholic church, are also worth a visit. A statue to Kossuth Lajos stands in front of the primary school building and a World War II Memorial was erected at the northern gate of the village. The bank of River Tisza carries natural value belonging to the Middle-Tisza Nature Conservation Area. The grass heaths along the Gerje stream are also listed among the natural values with their unparalleled salt marsh grass and species of birds. A 30 ha fishing pond at the southern edge of the village offers excellent angling.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
District: Szolnoki
Subregion: Szolnoki
Area: 59.17 km2
Population: 4,382 people
Webpage: www.toszeg.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
29 °C
Windchill: 28 °C
Humidity: 42 %
Pressure: 1017 hPa
Wind: 15 km/h N

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Karai út 34.

Csücsök Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Attila út 1.

Tószeg Museum

exhibition hall
Attila út 31.


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