At the northern edge of the Pinka-Plain, south of Günser Vorland (Kőszeghegyalja) is the town Torony, to the south by a large forest connects. Today's town was in 1950 by the Association of Torony and Ondód. The ersteurkundliche records of Ondód dates back to the 1288th It is estimated that the town its name from the hostel of the visor Ond received. Mention of Torony Thorony under the name comes from the year 1409.Ihren the town was named after a medieval noble residential tower, whose exact... tovább act location nicst known. This area has been served continuously as the ancient hostel of the various ethnic groups. First and foremost was the Bach crowns as popular resettlement places. The archeological findings show that this area even the people of primitive times a hostel, one to the appropriate location Ansiedeln offered. The establishment of the Urmenschen from the Neolithic prove the southern edge of the area discovered fire Bank, the polished stone and bone tools. There were also grave finds from the Bronze Age discovered. From the graves kamendiverse Tontöpfe, Bronzearmbander, rings, pins and needles to light. In the Roman period was the next to the creek Arany developed water supply in addition to the community. On the outskirts of Torony were also some dating from this period Hügelgraber antdeckt. The remains belonged to this area at that time as to Aussengelande Savaria. On the Hügelböschung were likely to warlike purposes built watchtowers. In the second half of the XVIII. Century were the landed gentry of Torony from the Jaák sex abstammende family Nitzky and the family Hetyei. Laird of the community was the family Ondód Laky. The Roman Catholic church in the town was in 1881 because of the plans of the architects Csere János collected and in honour of the Holy Virgin Mary. The town is part Ondód chapel, whose patron saint of St. Francis of Assisi, was built in 1992. An important monument is the old castle of Torony, probably in the XV. Century built Castellanum of szombathelyer Burgvogts Tejedi preceded Imre. The forests and forest tongues gespickte picturesque landscape for the visitor a real feast for the eyes.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Vas county
District: Szombathelyi
Subregion: Szombathelyi
Area: 12.83 km2
Population: 1,942 people
Webpage: www.torony.hu

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light intensity shower rain
Cloudy: 75%
22 °C
Windchill: 21 °C
Humidity: 94 %
Pressure: 1012 hPa
Wind: 8 km/h S

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Felsőőri utca 35.

Roman Catholic Church

parish church
Szabadság utca 29.


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