Geographical location and conditions of Törökszentmiklós are of extremely favourable. The town is surrounded by the marvellous landscape of the Great Hungarian Plane. The live and dead streams of the River Tisza to the north and the Alcsi Holt-Tisza to the east, respectively, are frequently visited by the lovers of water sports. A part of the Middle Tisza Landscape Protection Region is to be found along the side of the town. This region is rich in small and winged games like pheasants, deer,... tovább , grey partridges and hares. The River Tisza, touching the outskirts of the town shows almost the original natural beauty providing opportunity for summertime swimming, sport hunting and angling. The silence and calmness of the characteristic lowland type environment generates harmony and peace, making the contemplators calmed. The public bath of town has five pools. With its medicinal water of 60 oC it is mainly recommended for rheumatic and gynaecological disorders and internal diseases. In wintertime the guests are expected into the sitting baths. The three-star campground on an area of 8500 sqm expects the visitors with green wooded park environment and places for caravans as well as with log cabins and chalets. The activities of craftsmen, plaiters as well as the exhibition of their wonderful products belong to the characteristic cultural life of Törökszentmiklós. Along with the old traditional conventions and shows there are new traditions emerging like the programme series of the dedication festival on Saint Marys Day and the Szentmiklós Days and the merry-making of Whitsuntide.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
District: Törökszentmiklósi
Subregion: Törökszentmiklósi
Area: 185.16 km2
Population: 21,098 people
Webpage: www.torokszentmiklos.hu

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Cloudy: 100%
15 °C
Windchill: 13 °C
Humidity: 77 %
Pressure: 1017 hPa
Wind: 11 km/h NW

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Catholic church

parish church
Ipolyi tér 1.

Museum of Local History

local historical collection
Almásy út 20.
Hermann Ottó 1.

Albert Pub

other, restaurant, inn, beer bar, club
Táncsics út 16.
Ipolyi Arnold tér 1.


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Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
Cseberér: Szolnok
Cseberér: Szolnok
16.9 km
Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
16.9 km
Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
20.3 km

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