Name: Nyakas Winery
Type: Hospitality / wine house, wine bar, winery, Wine cellar
Settlement: Tök
Address: 2073 Tök, Központi Major


Chief winemaker: Beata dr Pühra Nyúlné controls the modern cellar established in 1997, in order to grow award winning wines.<br> The excellence of our wines proves, that the name of Nyakas represent such a value on the international and domestic market, which attest to high quality and trustiness for our consumers. Our success shows, that the trade name of Nyakas won the Hungarian Brands Award in 2012. Establishing high quality winemakinkg was the merit of Ernő Malya, our first chief winemaker. The winery’s basic principle is: ‘all sorts of improvements can be accomplished only with the conditions given at the start. Its essence is: establishing a human sized, clear craftsman winery with the only criteria of quality.” (Ernő Malya)

Detailed information

Phone:+3623341129, +3623341095
Capacity:0 people
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Shop opening hours: <br> Monday-Saturday: 9-17h Guided tour with winetasting<br> Monday-Saturday 9-17 Plaese make an appointment: <br> Nagy Péter - +36 30 410 3505 -
Category:1st category

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