Urban Harbour


Name: Urban Harbour
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Tiszafüred
Address: 5350 Tiszafüred, Kis Tisza út 1.


Our harbour is on the Tisza-Lake’s beach in Tiszafüred. We have big and comfortable boats, canoe, you can going to Tisza-Lake’s beautiful canal, to varied Tisza river and to famous bird reservation with our touristguide. Anglers can renting a boats, radar, mobile ship with four bed, kitchen, and toilet in feeder place, you can shopping daycarts and all sorts of bait in the harbour. Anglers can anglering for bream, carp, tench, asp, wels in spring to autumn, anglering for pikeperch in summer’s night and in autumn and in winter in daytime, anglering for pike in autumn to spring and on ice. Our competent guide help to you. In the beach your’s family can cooking, baking and renting a guest hausis.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:0-24
Prices:Regional licences: - adult yearly:18000 HUF - adult weekly:7800 HUF - adult daily: 1800 HUF - child yearly:1000 HUF - over 68 years old: 9500 HUF
Wheelchair accessible:partially
Services:rental, toilet


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