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Tiszafüred is the capital of the Lake Tisza where the nature embraces and rocks.The capital of the Lake Tisza is Tiszafüred, the largest town of the region that lies for 150 km from Budapest and 35 km from the highway No. M3, at the left bank of the River Tisza. It is an ideal place for those looking for boating, fishing and hunting, relaxation and recreation with the family, as well as for those searching for recovery from locomotor diseases. This area of the Lake Tisza is a real angling... tovább paradise, the empire of capital catfishes, carps and pikes. The rare and protected plants and birds can be observed by those who are interested within framework of organized canoe and motorboat tours.The attractive scenery of the River Tisza can be admired in horse and bike tours, as well, and the 39 oC thermal water of curative effect of the public baths efficiently relaxes the tired muscles and joints after the tour. The continuous week-end programmes with the peak event of which the “Fishy Days” and, besides, the Museum named by Kiss Pál, the Collection of Local History at Tiszaörvény and the Pottery Manor House provide lasting experiences. The live and genuine folk art can be observed through the everyday works and production of potters, fancy-leather goods makers and folk-dancers. From the workshops of folk craftsmen a lot of useful means and articles of artistic finish can be taken as souvenirs from Tiszafüred.

Sights »

Museums (6)

Tariczky sétány 8.

Kiss Pál Museum

regional museum
Tariczky sétány 6.

Meggyes Inn Museum

exhibition hall
külterület 33-as főút 60. kmkő leágazásánál
Szőlősi út 27

Nyúzó Gáspár Potter County House

local historical collection
Malom utca 12.

Szűcs Imre Potter

other, exhibition hall
Belsőkertsor utca 4/a

Nature (4)

Örvényi Pákász Nature Trail

excursion place, ecotourism attraction, natural monument
Szabics kikötő

Boat trip

national park, nature conservation area
Kormorán kikötő Tiszafüred-Örvény

Bird Reserve of Lake Tisza

nature conservation area

Tiszavirág Walking Road

zoo, forest park, arboretum, botanical garden, national park, nature protection area, natural monument, nature conservation area
Szabics kikötő

Churches (3)

Freetime »

Freetime (5)

Ady Endre út 45.
Kikötő körút 5201/2 hrsz.

Adventure Island Tiszafüred

canopy, extreme sports, archery, kayak-canoe, adventure park, minigolf
Kistisza utca (Császlód-sziget) 2.

Sport Hall and Leisure Centre

table tennis, fitness room, kayak-canoe, handball field, basketball court, volleyball, tennis
Petőfi utca 17-19.

Fishing (3)

Szabics kikötő
Kis Tisza út 1.

Hospitality »

Hospitality (25)

Albatrosz Harbour Camping

bar, drink bar, beer bar

"Barátkozó" Buffet

restaurant, inn, pizzeria

Flamingo Caffe House

Piac tér 7/b

Füredi Cafe and Apartment

cafeteria, café, beer bar
Ady Endre út 24.

Hal-Jó Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Szabics Kikötő

Hotel Hableány Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Hunyadi János utca 2.

Kaparó Restaurant

folk restaurant
hrsz 0280/2

Blue Shark Buffet

restaurant, inn

Korona Confectionery

confectionery, cafeteria, café
Fő út 28.