Tihany Restaurant


Name: Tihany Restaurant
Type: Hospitality / folk restaurant, restaurant, inn
Settlement: Tihany
Address: 8237 Tihany, Kossuth L. út 55.


In our listed and thatched building complex that has a plank railing made of stones from Tihany, consists of three buildings and displays its open chimney in its orginial form in the centre of Tihany, at the main square a local wine-cellar with its original equipment, an open wine-bar with a charcoal grill and a goulash kettle and local handicraft products are available for guests. When compiling the menu we took the specific features of the Hungarian cuisine into account, making it sure that by the spectacle the guests will be involved in the typical processes (rolling strudel by hand, grilling on naked flame, decanting wine from the barrel, etc.). Pleasant pastime is made even colourful by live music.

Detailed information

Phone:+36309515676, +3687448503
Standard of prices:medium/average
Capacity:200 people
Cuisine:Hungarian, folk
Opening period:April 15. - November 15.
Opening hours: Mo-Su: 10.00-23.00
Payment:Credit card
Wheelchair accessible:no
Category:2nd category
Languages:English, German
Services:live music, menu for children


Reviews and ratings

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