Régi idők udvara Restaurant


Name: Régi idők udvara Restaurant
Type: Hospitality / wine bar, wine bar, restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café
Settlement: Tihany
Address: 8237 Tihany, Battyány utca 3.


We serve home-made beer, with an unforgettable taste. We collect the fruit ourselves for the pálinka (eg. elderberry, cornel, red currant, hawthorn, mulberry etc). Kids can try elderberry, raspberry, black currant syrup here. Our main courses contain pork, chicken and turkey, garnishes consist of potatoes and mush. You can see our menu on this picture. Most of our meals, such as the smoked-boiled trotters, are prepared in the furnace, which also makes our famous patty with cottage cheese and dill unforgettable. You can also find fish dishes here, all of the fish picked from Lake Balaton. We have got "fishbread" here, a special meal, which got its name from the importance of the role of fish in the inhabitants' lives.

Detailed information

Phone:+36702846705, +36704130391
Standard of prices:medium/average
Capacity:140 people
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:M-Su: 11.00 - 23.00
Payment:Credit card, Szechenyi Card
Wheelchair accessible:yes
Category:3rd category
Services:live music, services for children, high chair


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