Tihany Inner Lake


Name: Tihany Inner Lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Tihany
Address: 8237 Tihany, Major utca 16.


The Inner lake is situated directly under the village, it is almost perfectly round with the clear water surface. It lies 26 m above the level of the Lake Balaton in the sunken caldera following volcanic eruption. (pic. 16) Once it was famous for its rich flora and fauna. The deployment of herbivorous Asian fishes in the last few decades led to the total extinction of the original plant life; birds nestling there moved to Lake Outer. With the plants, their main source of nutrition, gone the imported fish population itself vanished as well, allowing for the vegetation to slowly recuperate. Lake Inner is a popular angling area these days. The locals once herded geese on the shores of Lake Inner and just recently a smaller herd of grey cattle was brought to the meadows of the south side of the lake. Settling animals here serves a number of goals. Protection of domestic animals is just as much of a mission of nature reserves as protection of wildlife. These ancient species no longer meet economical and efficiency requirements, yet their survival is not merely self-serving. These animals are results of centuries of adaptation - they survived and proved useful even under adverse circumstances. Grazed on poor quality pastures and without surplus feed, they could scrape their winter nutrition even from under the snow. Furthermore, they are also well suited for restoration of abandoned and weed-ridden pastures or sour-grassed moorlands. Standing at the western shores of the lake we get a glimpse back into the past: beyond a herd of Hungarian grey cattle the twin towers of the Benedictine Abbey reach out, mirrored by the lake in calm weather. The cattle treat the meadow fenced off for their use effectively; the grass is short but dense all year. So by 2003 it was time to bring back the other grass-dweller as well: the gopher. Their numbers have been increasing nicely ever since.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:6.00 - 20.00
Prices: Adult / student daily: HUF 2.000,- /HUF 1.000,- weekly: HUF 10.000,- /HUF 5.000,- for a year: HUF 50.000,/- HUF 20.000,-
Wheelchair accessible:yes
Languages:English, German
Fishing possibility
Name:Der Innere-See
Water area:28 ha


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