Szigetvár inscribed its name upon the pages of Hungarian history in 1566 when Miklós Zrínyi, the captain of the castle managed to halt the advance of the mighty Turkish army, led by Suleyman the Magnificient. However, following the siege, the Turkish succeeded in occupying the castle and kept it for the next 123 years. There are several important buildings that remind us of the Turkish years. The Ali Pasha Mosque, in the main square of Szigetvár, was built in 1589. Within the castle we can find... tovább d the Suleyman Mosque erected in honour of the victorious sultan. Today, we can only see the lower third of the fourteen edged minaret. The former caravansary is the only Turkish building in Hungary that has been preserved intact. The Turkish House, that used to be a guesthouse for travellers, now houses exhibitions of a Turkish theme. The Spa and Thermal Bath, which opened in 2007, awaits visitors all year round with its 7 pools and a wide variety of services. There is a Turkish-Hungarian Friendship Park along route Nr. 67. Here we can see the monumental busts of the 2 commanders, and an ornate Turkish drinking fountain.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Baranya county
District: Szigetvári
Subregion: Szigetvári
Area: 39.51 km2
Population: 10,755 people
Webpage: www.szigetvar.hu

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Cloudy: 92%
0 °C
Windchill: -8 °C
Humidity: 93 %
Pressure: 990.6 hPa
Wind: 17 km/h NE

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Rákoczi utca 30

Black Bull Pizzéria

pizzeria, beer bar
Széchenyi u. 2

Fortress of Szigetvár

memorial place, historic memorial
Vár utca 9.


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