Szamos Marzipan Museum and Confectionery


Name: Szamos Marzipan Museum and Confectionery
Type: Hospitality / confectionery
Settlement: Szentendre
Address: 2000 Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő utca 12-14.


Szamos Museum Confectionery offers you some unique experiences and delicacies in Szentendre! In the Museum Confectionery the counter is filled with handmade cakes, delicacies and sweets all based on traditional, recipes. Ice-cups, soft drinks and coffee specialities from Vienna complete the assortment. The famous Szabó Marcipán Museum can be found nearby. The Museum exhibits sculptures, artworks, paintings and decorations manufactured from marzipan, sugar or chocolate. <br> A confectioner's was opened in Szentendre, in 14 Dumtsa Jeno street, 2003 July and still today it's an important centre and sight in the life of the town. <br> The delights from the counters of the ground floor Grand Hall: pastries, bonbons and cakes, which can be eaten on the spot or packed upon request for take-away. The salon also serves as a venue for temporary art exhibitions. <br> The first floor is also suitable for family or company events, but regularly literary and musical evenings are taken place here, as well. <br>

Detailed information

Phone:+3626310545, +3626505553
Standard of prices:medium/average
Capacity:150 people
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Opening hours in winter: 9.00-19.00 in summer: 9.00-20.00
Payment:Credit card
Wheelchair accessible:partially
Category:1st category
Services:services for children, event for children, high chair, air-conditioned, changing facility


Reviews and ratings

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