Kisfaludy Sándor Memorial House and Museum


Name: Kisfaludy Sándor Memorial House and Museum
Type: Sights / private house
Settlement: Sümeg
Address: 8330 Sümeg, Kisfaludy Sándor tér 4.


In this one-storey mansion are housed the personal possessions and manuscripts of Sándor Kisfaludy, along with a collection of historical, geological and ecclesiastic curios and an exhibition of the local folk pottery and crafts. In front of the museum is the Sümeg Pantheon, commemorating Sümeg’s famous native sons and citizens.

Detailed information

Phone:+3687550277 , +36704664036
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00-16.00
Open to visitors:during opening hours
Door money:Entrance fee for Adult (HUF): 500; <br> Children, pensioners:300
Architectural style:Baroque


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