Saint Egyed Benedictine Abbey Ruins


Name: Saint Egyed Benedictine Abbey Ruins
Type: Sights / religious building, ruin
Settlement: Somogyvár
Address: 8698 Somogyvár, Kupavár-hegy


Tradition has it that Somogyvár was the camp site for Koppány, who revolted against King St. Stephen. Its significance increased after 1091, when King St. Ladislaus established the Saint Aegidius Monastery, which became an important religious centre in the 12th century. According to the legend, Saint Ladislaus, the cavalier king was buried in this monastery; his remains were transferred to Várad from here. During the first half of the 16th century the monastery tried to stop the advance of the Ottoman-Turks in vain. In 1543 it was occupied by the Turks and lost its significance. All that remains today are ruins.

Detailed information

Opening period:April 1. - October 31.
Opening hours:Tue-Sun 9 am-7 pm closed on Monday
Open to visitors:during opening hours, optional guiding
Door money:Adult: 600 HUF Child, Retired: 400 HUF
Wheelchair accessible:no
Architectural style:Romanesque


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