Lakes of Sárszentmihály


Name: Lakes of Sárszentmihály
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Sárszentmihály
Address: 8143 Sárszentmihály, Sárszentmihály-Inota között


The reservoir of 100 acres and the fishing in coastal areas and the basin formation in a number of different fishing methods for the exercise of options. The fishing areas clean and tidy developed conditions for fishing, but you can feel the beach, to a wild environment to spend your free time for fishing. It's not nice to determine when fishing, white-water environment their individual track records. The reservoir 100 acres. Die of fishing in coastal areas and education and THE basin in a row in the various fishing methods for dying exercise options Fishing areas clean and tidy conditions developed die die for fishing, Konno YOU ​​But to the beach feeling to the one wild environment to spend your free time for fishing. There IS NO LONGER nice when fishing, white-water environment, their individual track records adjusts. Of course, the fine-tackle anglers enjoy the opportunities offered in the lake. The water is rich in silver crucian carp, bream and roach in animals that are not allowed to be bored for a fast-paced adventure or fishing. The weather conditions and the conditions for fishing spots, which can according to the selected method, the jigsaw, tip or feederbotozás, compete guarantees the long-awaited success to take. The water reservoir fishing competitions organized every year in which members of the Association together with the guest angler can measure their knowledge. The competition, after a simple registration of the news section, more detailed information. The reservoir in terms of age, can legitimately ask the question whether we live in the capitals Sárszentmihály large catfish in ponds? The answer is: Yes! In fact, if you like a challenge, which is legendary, but not seen on suspicion of fishing.   Visit the paradise of the night and live with the possibility of catfish fishing a memorable experience for those who are driving this majestic predator Trail. The legendary bass lakes stock of which was a significantly less favorable meggyérített, but now the number of walleye also arise that the members of the sacrificial work of our association. However, the significant increase in the number of pike, perch is part of the disappeared at the same time. Be used so successfully to the élőhallal or halszelettel csalizás that float and offer fenekezős inherently inefficient. These anglers and people who do not like to sit on the beach for hours, to use their devices and turn freely over the entire surface of the lake, hiking, their attempts to succeed.

Detailed information

Phone:+36304061339, +3622533896
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:from sunrise to sunset
Prices:Year: Members: 23.000 HUF Outsider: 25.000 HUF Half year: 15.000 HUF Day Ticket: 2500 HUF
Wheelchair accessible:no
Fishing possibility
Name:Sárszentmihályer Seen
Water area:100 ha


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