approachable: 87 The community was rum on the gravel bed of the former Ur-Raab built. For the first time it is recorded in the year 1246 under the name "Terra rum" (Earth rum), a few years after the Tatarzug, the days of King Béla IV mentioned. Probably the timing is also close to the tragedy one reason why in the document only on the ground, and not by an inhabited village can read. In the year 1260 will be in the form of "terra castri rum" above what is already one of a castle, a warehouse or... tovább e or a fortress enacting the ground could. The river Rába-already in Roman times on the outskirts of the town by a bridge had been played in live-and in the history of the town an important role. Here also the main road through the Savaria with the inner areas connected Pannonia. This fact, the community in the Middle Ages they rank as the market spots ind their privilege to bridge tolls owe. In 1263, the Treasurer Móricz the town, and later belonged to the family Rumy, under whose patronage until the XIX. Century remained. The castle of the town was founded in 1532 by the Turks against Kőszeg drawn down their precise location is only roughly known. The small castle Bezerédi was formerly owned by the family Rumy. Rumy András, Major in Freiheitskamf of 1848, as a member of Klapka led komaromer castle guard gakampft was also a member of this family. In the northwestern part of town, the Széchenyi castle, at the end of the XIX. Century in an eclectic style. The church, in honor of King St. Ladislaus (Szent László) which was the first time in the year 1307 mentioned. The parish was founded in XIII. Century in Romanesque style and XVIII. Century in Baroque style. In 1994, the wing altar, a work of sculptor Sándor Kiss and Lessenyei Márta finished. The memorial to the heroes of the First World War was designed by the famous Bildhauerkünsteler Rumi Rajki István, in the town was born. The memorial to the heroes and victim of the Second Weltkiegs let the heroes and victims of the Second Weltkiegs left the town built in 1989. The oath rail Memorial, where the fountain can be seen, the filling of the locomotives with water secured, remembers the visitors to the former railway terminus. The largest tourist attraction, the anglers among the tourists and water so popular river Rába. In the sports centre of the town are at the sport a bowling alley and a tennis and beach volleyball place.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Vas county
District: Szombathelyi
Subregion: Szombathelyi
Area: 16.85 km2
Population: 1,166 people

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Cloudy: 90%
9 °C
Windchill: 11 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Pressure: 1005 hPa
Wind: 4 km/h N

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Horgásztanya Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Rákóczi Ferenc u. 9.


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Dobogói Házak: Csipkerek
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