The settlement of Arpadian age got its name from the earthwork which was built by the landlords of Kisvárda in order the ensure the crossing of Tisza river. It was first mentioned in 1387 by the name of Lyanwar. The ferry probably worked from the end of 13th century to 1994 on the Tisza river. The earthwork was built around 1440, and it was first mentioned by the name of Szűzvár, later Leányvár. The main task of the fortress was to ensure the salt-transport from Transsylvania. The fortress was... tovább destroyed around 1700. This settlement didn't survive the Turkish times. It is mentioned as a deserted place in 1598 in the documents. Mayor's office: Fő st. 45. tel: +36 47 376-043

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
District: Cigándi
Subregion: Bodrogközi
Area: 16.5 km2
Population: 445 people
Webpage: revleanyvar.hupont.hu

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Cloudy: 40%
-3 °C
Windchill: -8 °C
Humidity: 79 %
Pressure: 1005 hPa
Wind: 11 km/h NE

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Sátoraljaújhely: Zemplén Kalandpark Sípálya I
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Sárospatak › East
35 km

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