Rákóczifalva can be found 10 km south of Szolnok, at the left bank of the river Tisza. The region has got several good facilities for tourists. Among the development plans there are a new harbour for small ships, the establishment of the ferriage, an open-air pool and camping site and the establishment of new accomodation facilities. One of the favourite destinations of tourists is the path at the bank of the river Tisza, introducing the flora and the fauna of the flood ? plain and its natural... tovább al treasures. We adhere to our traditions since the name of the village also inspires us to do so. We organise programmes evoking the Kuruts traditions in honour of prince Ferenc Rákóczi 2nd: there has been a great interest in the Rákóczi Days in March, the Festival of the Harvesters and the Mészáros Ernő Carriage Driving Competition in July for years, these events are acknowledged internationally. Rákóczi Folk Dance Ensemble and Kuruc Ensemble for Preserving Traditoins acquired reputation out of the country as well. Antal Balázs?s collection of teddies, Macimúzeum also attracts a lot of visitors and it also hosts the periodical exhibitions of Bocs D?Art Gallery. The radio of the village, Rákóczi Hírmondó has been broadcast on FM 89,90MHz. Visit Rákóczifalva and experience the natural beauty and the hospitality of the residents yourself.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
District: Szolnoki
Subregion: Szolnoki
Area: 35.94 km2
Population: 5,410 people
Webpage: www.rakoczifalva.hu

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Szakadozott felhőzet
Cloudy: 82%
12 °C
Windchill: 15 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Pressure: 1015 hPa
Wind: 3 km/h NW

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Pingvin Confectionery

Rákóczi út 51.

Éden Birdpark

zoo, forest park
Vásvári Pál út 48.

Bearmuseum, Bocs D'Art Gallery

exhibition hall, professional collection
Szabadság tér 3.


Street views

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Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
Cseberér: Szolnok
Cseberér: Szolnok
Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
9.2 km
Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
16.9 km

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