The Pusztamérges name is our heritage from a family called Mérges. They were the owners of this land. It is a flat, bare, sandy area, so the first part of the name was given by the geographical features. This is the way our village got the name of Pusztamérges. But you can find similar interesting stories anywhere in the country, aren’t you? However, we have values which make our little village (the population is only 1200 inhabitants) really special. Let us list them: We started working in... tovább in rural tourism in the 1990 ’s. It is based on the hospitality of local people and families. Our clean, well-arranged environment, which is full of flowers, resulted a first prize in the ’Contest of Flowery Villages of Hungary’. We also got an award in Munich, Germany. We have a special ’Oscar Prize’ for the dynamic growth of our village. More and more people visit us because of our tasty food, tidy, peaceful and safe environment and hospitality year by year. You will not be bored in Pusztamérges if you like long walks in the country. There are hidden places where you can discover the beauty of the undisturbed nature together with its protected unique plants. The 60 hectares large fenwood area is 2 kilometres from Pusztamérges and can easily be reached. The characteristic biocoenosis includes many valuable protected plant and animal species (e. g. Gentiana pneumonanthe, Orchris laxiflora), and has a precious landscape at the same time. The Mérgesi Puszta is a 40 hectares large area of sand dunes characteristic of the region between the River Duna and the River Tisza. Its most common plants are mosses and lichen. Its protected plants are the Stipa sabulosa and the Alkanna tinctoria. There is a surprisingly high number of green and sand lizards in the area. Would you like to be our guest and visit our programmes that are connected to your senses? Have you ever eaten grapes from a vine-stock while dancing barefoot in hot sand? Can you remember the sound you hear when you bite an apple taken right from the tree? Can you remember the feeling when you bite a ripe, juicy peach? Now imagine that we are in the evening. Only dogs’ barking is disturbing the peaceful rural night. Frogs and crickets are ’giving a concert’ to you. We are sitting under a vine arbour. Chicken stew or other nice Hungarian meal is simmering in a kettle and we are clinking glasses filled with the owner’s wine. There are scones on the table made by the landlady. After dinner we are talking for a while or walking hand-in- hand with our partner in the quiet, familiar night. But if you want to go on the razzle, we can offer you some more programmes: Every September we organize the ’Festival of Wine and Cock Stew Cooking Tournament’. The festival is held on the third weekend of September. Guest houses can join the tournament. They cook their specialities in village style on their yards in kettles and wait for the hungry visitors with nicely set tables. Guests can sit on horse-drawn carts, visit the open homes and decide where to return for lunch with their family and friends. Best meals are selected by culinary experts and star guests. They go house by house on horse-drawn carts and grade meals according to taste, serving and hospitality. Meanwhile you can see the traditional way of vine harvesting, glean grapes directly from the vine-stock and taste freshly pressed grape-juice. In the village centre there is a handicraft fair and a playground for children with animation. On the stage there are entertaining programmes. You can walk around the village and taste the quality wine of Pusztamérges as well. In the evening there is the funny ’Ball Of The Capon’. Announcement of the tournament’s results happens here. At midnight they have a competition for the ’Man with the nicest legs’. They choose the ’Wine Fly King Of The Year’, too. Take part in the wine tasting of the Farkas Cellar. Would you like a stew made in a kettle? Do you fancy a concert of zither and piano accordion? This is the place for you! On a hot sunny afternoon you can go to the pizzeria ’Gondola’ or to the coffee-bar ’Hangulat’. You can have a drink in the local wine bar. If you look for peace and quiet you can take a trip to the nature conservation area next to Pusztamérges.
Suggested walking tours: Tourinform Iroda - visit of the Roman Catholic Church - with a guide – Grammar School of Pusztamérges – amateur acting circle – carriage excursion in the natural reserve area – visit of Mérges Puszta with a guide - Museum of Local History – cultural and folklore programmes in the Cultural Center (Woman choir,- Happy Jumpers skipping-rope group, performance of the children of grammar and primary schools and the kindergarden, zither orchestra ) – Winetasting in the cellar of Farkas brothers with folkdance show – return to Tourinform office (we say goodbye with some gift)

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Csongrád-Csanád county
District: Mórahalmi
Subregion: Mórahalomi
Area: 24.39 km2
Population: 1,187 people
Webpage: www.pusztamerges.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
15 °C
Windchill: 17 °C
Humidity: 55 %
Pressure: 1024 hPa
Wind: 4 km/h W

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Mérges steppe

nature conservation area

Pusztamérges Marshland Nature Reserve

nature conservation area
Felszabadulás u. 41.

Gondola Pizzeria

confectionery, pizzeria
Felszabadulás utca 49.


football field
Ifjúság tér


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