Fishing Lakes in Pötréte


Name: Fishing Lakes in Pötréte
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Pötréte
Address: 8767 Pötréte, Kossuth L. 40.


The lakes arose as result of mud exploitation until the midlle of the 1970s. After pumping had been stopped, the pitholes were quickly filled by groundwater. Waterfowl found their homes in the reed and moor at the beaches. Thanks to the waterfowl the natural stock of fish evolved quickly.<br> The Association of Anglers in Pötréte aims at maintaining it. The upper lake (No. 1., the so-called Carp-Lake) is more reedy, wide, the water surface is more open and is interrupted by bays with narrow chanels and gaps between them.<br> The lower lake (No. 2, the so-called Pike-Lake) is a bit more closed, more bushy and is considerably larger. 70 percent of fisches angled are carps and 20 percent are pikes.<br> Accomodation can be booked:<br> * there are 8 places in a hunting lodge <br> * one can overnight in private apartements<br> * there is a camp-site on the beach of the lakes<br>

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:0-24
Prices:Day and night ticket: adultst: 3800 Huf<br> youth (age 14-18 ): 1500 Huf<br> Admission is free under the age of 14.<br> For one week (7 days): 19000 Huf<br> For one year: 65000 Huf<br>
Wheelchair accessible:no
Services:buffet, rental, toilet
Fishing possibility
Name:Pötrétei Horgásztavak
Water area:129 ha


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