Pécel border of the Western edge of the Gödöllő hills and the Pécel lies East from the capital at the Pest plains. One of the most significant stream of the Gödöllő hills, Rákos stream reaches the borders of the town. There are remarkable castles and mansions and many music and cultural events. The most important protected building is the Ráday castle. The Ráday family obtained half of Pécel's territory by marriage while the other half of the settlement was owned by the Fáy family. Pál Ráday the... tovább chancellor of prince of Transylvania Ferenc Rákóczi II. moved to Pécel after the treaty in Szatmár and died in 1733. He founded the Ráday Library that later became famous. His son, Gedeon Ráday (1713-1792) a known writer took part in the parliament in 1764 as the representative of Pilis-Solt county. He became a count in 1782 and built Ráday castle which is a remarkable piece of the so called Grassalkovich style. The baroque form of the almost 280 years old impressive castle was designed by András Mayerhoffer who proved his style-forming talent by creating the Grassalkovich castle in Gödöllő. By building the castle and founding the library the Ráday family rose Pécel to the level of Europe and also made it a centre of the reformed church. The Ráday family decorated their castle in Pécel with finely carved arched handrails of the staircases and rich wall painting. These wall paintings are exceptional values of the Hungarian art. Famous personalities of the reform era - Kazinczy, Kölcsey, Vörösmarty, Katona, Cuczor, Jókai and Petőfi - often stayed in the castle. The Religious and Secular Wine Contest first held on the 10th anniversary of the foundation of GRTA to establish a tradition is organised on a different village of the Gödöllő Tourism Region each year. In 2008 the Municipality of the town of Pécel undertook to host the event organised for the third time. The Ráday castle accommodated the Religious and Secular Wine Contest. In addition to many remarkable old buildings of the town, the Fáy castle, the Szemere mansion, the reformed church, the tombs of soldiers in the reformed cemetery and the tombs pf famous historic families are important. Tourists enjoy spectacular views from the walking paths of the Apáca hill and the Millennium Memorial Park up to the Pilis hills.


Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Pest county
District: Gödöllői
Subregion: Gödöllői
Area: 43.63 km2
Population: 15,123 people
Webpage: www.pecel.hu

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Szakadozott felhőzet
Cloudy: 72%
21 °C
Windchill: 18 °C
Humidity: 53 %
Pressure: 1016 hPa
Wind: 17 km/h NW

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Ráday Castle - Pécel

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Kálvin tér 1.
Kishársas 144.
Tanácsház u. 2.


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