Nagyvenyim is situated about 6 kilometres west of the Danube in the southern part of the Mezőföld in Fejér County in the Transdanubian region. The settlement dates back to the Bronze Age. It was under Turkish rule, afterwards it was a deserted area for one and a half decades, and later it became part of the Abbacy of Zirc and the estate of Előszállás. The Sport Centre, which was built and operated by private entrepreneurship, provides opportunities to do leisure and sport activities such as... tovább tennis, squash and basketball. There is one historic building in the village, the Parsonage of the Roman Catholic Church. This two-storey castle, which was earlier a residence of the Cistercians, was built in 1737. A 200-year old forest, which was declared a nature conservation park in 1965, stretches out in front of the building.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Fejér county
District: Dunaújvárosi
Subregion: Dunaújvárosi
Area: 43.68 km2
Population: 4,096 people
Webpage: www.nagyvenyim.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
9 °C
Windchill: 11 °C
Humidity: 76 %
Pressure: 1020 hPa
Wind: 4 km/h N

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Vital-Fitt Sportcenter

aerobic-type training, table football, table tennis, pool, snooker, rex, bowling, darts, other, fitness room, minigolf, squash, ninepins, tennis, wellness room
Fő út 13/a

Saint Bernard Arboretum

arboretum, botanical garden
Táncsics u. 8.

Varga Inn - Restaurant

restaurant, inn, beer bar
Fő u. 8/1.

Roman catholic Church

parish church, church
Táncsics u. 8.

Cistercian Religious House

religious building
Táncsics u. 8.


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