The town of Mosonmagyaróvár is situated at the crossing point of the rivers Mosoni-Danube and Lajta, at about 80 kilometres from Vienna and 30 kilometres from Bratislava.. The settlement is favourable located because it is easy to reach on highway, cycle path, railroad and on water as well. The international cycle path along the Danube leads through the town. One of the important tourist attractions of Mosonmagyaróvár is its thermal water. The spa fed by this thermal water is open all year... tovább round. The water is acknowledged medicinal water and belongs to the five best quality ones in Europe according to its classification. The history of Mosonmagyaróvár counts more then 2000 years. It was already known in the Roman age as a watch-post along the limes under the Latin name Ad Flexum. After the Conquest it was used as a reeve-site, later it became a shire town. Moson and Magyaróvár united in 1939 and together with the village of Lucsony that joined Magyaróvár as early as 1905 they constitute the town of today with a population of 30,000 people.
Suggested walking tours: Let us start our walking tour in the Moson part of the town, on the Kápolna square. From here we turn into the left on the Szt. István Király Street and then right onto the Mosonyi Mihály Street. Here we reach the old Jewish cemetery and the high block houses, which were built in the 70s-80s. On the Károly Street over one Lajta-bridge we get to the Csaba Street, where turning left we reach the Flexum Thermal spa (Kolbai Str. 10.) The bath is operating since 1966, and awaits its guests with 2 hotels, therapy centre, adventure pool, open-air and covered pools. From here we go ahead on the Kolbai Street and over another Lajta-bridge we reach the historical old town, and the Magyar street, the pedestrian zone. Here we can find the St. Gotthárd parish church. In the undercroft of this baroque church, built in the 18th century, the burying-place of Archduke Frederick of Habsburg and of his wife can be found. If we walk ahead on the Magyar street we get to the Deák square. The fort of Magyaróvár can be reached through a tunnel like a fort gate with annular vault built in the 15th century. In the building of an irregular quadratic plan Duke Albert Kasimir of Saxony-Teschen founded an agricultural high-level educational institution in 1818, which is today the University of Western Hungary, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. In the Castle cellar exhibitions room at the Castle Lake we can visit an exhibition about old professions in the region like gold washing and fishing, and an aquarium room as well. Going ahead on the Fő Street we reach the so-called Cselley-house. The building with even gothic marks on it houses the Hansági Museum with its exhibition of the history of industry, the Gyurkovich-Collection, while in the vaulted cellar a Lapidarium (ancient stone collection) from the Roman times can be visited. On the Fő Street among beautiful, old buildings we can see the so-called Wallisch-house. Going ahead we get to the Hansági Museum founded in 1882. The museum building was built in 1912 in classicistic style. The visitors can enjoy its permanent exhibition introducing the history of the town and its surroundings. Walking on the Kossuth Lajos and Lőpor Street we get to the Ipartelep part of the town. Here we can make a short stopover in the Fire Department Museum. Near to the museum there is the Mourning Square. It is a symbolic cemetery with a monument to the memory of the victims of the firing in the revolution of 1956. Coming to the end of our tour through the Fertősor, Bauer Rudolf and Ostermayer Street we get back to our starting point, to the Tourinform office on the Kápolna square. Mosonmagyaróvár is famous for its friendly cafés and restaurants with excellent kitchen awaiting their guests.


Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Győr-Moson-Sopron county
District: Mosonmagyaróvári
Subregion: Mosonmagyaróvári
Area: 83.78 km2
Population: 32,092 people
Webpage: www.mosonmagyarovar.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
17 °C
Windchill: 11 °C
Humidity: 63 %
Pressure: 1031 hPa
Wind: 26 km/h NW

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"Kék" Confectionery

Fő út 28.

Vigadó Pub

beer bar
Szent István király út 38.

Wallisch house

monument, private house
Fő út 14.

Hársfa Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Csaba utca 34.

St. Gotthard Church

parish church
Szent László tér 1.

Simbad Hotel und Restaurant & Bar

bar, restaurant, inn, cocktail bar, club
Kolbai Károly u. 4.


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