approachable: 86, 87 Meszlen lies in the northern part of Gyöngyös low level, the source area of the stream Rátka. The name of the village for the first time in the document collection of Burgenland in the year 1255 as Villa Mezlen mentioned. Local sources guided its name from the connection between the old flax unde the Herstellunmg of outerwear. The fact that this place has long been inhabited, one show in the northwest of Meszlen located Zádor forest exposed Hügelgraber from the primitive... tovább mitive times, and the archaeological finds from the Roman period. The founders of the town were probably members of the camphor-Landnehmenden the middle class. In the early Middle Ages Meszlen property of the bishop of Gyor, the male residents had to be flying the flag of the diocese to Felde. Once this was on a field Fláche castle with the name Világos whose moat of the brook Ablánc fed. In the village were already in the years 1596 and 4599 county meetings, where the nobles and others sat on rate. The so-called lekale mountain town is one of the old ones of Hungary. The honour of the Holy Virgin Mary Church is levied only document mentioned in 1430, according to the archaeological research can be their construction but already in the first half of the XIII. Century dated. In the years 1536 and 1554 as a functioning parish church in 1592 came into the hands of Protestants. According to the church visit protocol of the year 1692, the church was separated from the faithful used: In the northern chapel choir Evangeliker held their worship services. In XVIII. Century Catholics got the building back, this time, the exuberant Baroque age of the main church. The Protestant church in the village was founded in 1786, after the Second Toleranzediktvon Joseph built. For 1440, the famous noble family Meszlényi owner of the town. From the late descendants Meszlényi Terézia should be mentioned that the wife of Lajos Kossuth, and her older brother, Rudolf, the husband of Kussuth Zsuzsanna. By the hauptstrassen also, this quiet little town is the ideal place for the village tourism.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Vas county
District: Szombathelyi
Subregion: Szombathelyi
Area: 12.02 km2
Population: 218 people
Webpage: www.meszlen.hu

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Szitáló eső
Cloudy: 75%
9 °C
Windchill: 1 °C
Humidity: 87 %
Pressure: 1000 hPa
Wind: 22 km/h S

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