Mecsekpölöske Anglers Lake


Name: Mecsekpölöske Anglers Lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Mecsekpölöske
Address: 7305 Mecsekpölöske, Horgásztó


The Lake of Mecsekpölöske is situated in not so far from the Lakes of Sikonda. You can reach it from Mecsekpölöske with a few minutes' length. A fishguard house is located on the waterfront. The most caughty fish is the carp but it is interesting that ling has also been installed to Mecsekpölöske.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Prices:Daily ticket:<br> Adult: 2500 HUF<br> Junior: 1600 HUF<br> Child (under the age of 14): 300 HUF
Payment:Cash only
Wheelchair accessible:yes
Discounts:student, child
Services:buffet, toilet
Fishing possibility
Water area:8 ha


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