Martfű as the youngest settlement of County Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok is situated in the Tourist Region of the Nord-Great Hungarian Plain: 20km far south of Szolnok, on the left bank of Tisza. Martfű can be approached either by car on the semi-motorway No. 442 or by train. The town affords various possibilities to spend the leisure useful: the Town Community Centre & Library provides for the visitors a wide choice of programmes. Furthermore the downtown provides many pleasant opportunities for... tovább or relaxation and walks: the Place Saint-Steven, the Millenial Memorial ’Timegate’, the colourful town park, the bank of Tisza near by or the chestnut avenue. In the direction to Tiszaföldvár, near to the ferry of Vezseny the sandy bank commands a spectacular view for the visitors and the reach of Tisza at Martfű it’s also an ideal place for the anglers. The Martfű Health and Recreation Centre represents the largest touristic attraction of Martfű, what includes 4 units: the Health Camping****, the Castlehostel Pansion**, the Thermalhotel Martfű*** (opened July 2007) and the Spa & Swimming Pool (waters contain natrium-hydrogen-carbonat; the spa’s rebuilding will be finished November 2008). Why even Martfű?…Because here each age bracket can find it’s favourite pastime.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
District: Szolnoki
Subregion: Szolnoki
Area: 23.08 km2
Population: 6,490 people
Webpage: www.martfu.hu

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Cloudy: 5%
4 °C
Windchill: 3 °C
Humidity: 93 %
Pressure: 1025 hPa
Wind: 8 km/h N

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Korzó Cafe

cafeteria, café
Piac tér 11.

Thermal Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Ifjúság útja 2.

Saint Stephen Statue

monument, public square statue
Szent István tér

Time Gate

monument, public square statue
Szent István tér


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Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
Martfűi Tanyák: Martfű
Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
Szolnoki Repülőmúzeum
9.2 km
Cseberér: Szolnok
Cseberér: Szolnok
9.2 km
Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
Borbélydűlő: Törökszentmiklós
20.3 km

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