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The first written record of the town comes from 1238. Royal settlers or guests (hospeses) were living herae at that time. On 28th of October, in 1244, it was endowed with a town's privileges by King Béla IV. From february1605 onwards it belonged to Ferenc Batthyany II. who was chef captain of Transdanubia at that time. Suggested walking tours: Batthyány castle - Tourinform Office- Batthyány castle - Town Exhibition hall and Sala Terrena Gallery- Batthyány Castle - Dr. Batthyány-Strattmann László... tovább tmann László Museum-Batthyány Castle Garden/Park- Statue of John of Nepomuk - Raab Bridge- The statue of King Béla IV. - Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street-St. Erzsébet's Catholic Church - Church Street- Courthouse - Szabadság square-Statue of Lajos Kossuth - Szabadság square-Statue of Maria Immaculate - Szabadság square- Old Town Hall - Szabadság tér-Kölcsey Primary School and Art Institution - Kölcsey Street 12.- Heroes' Memorial - Thököly Street- Lutheran church - Thököly Street 21.- Calvinist Church - Kossuth L. Street 24.- Batthyány castle - Tourinform Iroda

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Monuments (9)

Batthyány castle

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Rákóczi út - Batthyány-Strattmann utca

Heroes' Memorial

public square statue
Thököly u.

The statue of King 4th Béla

public square statue
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u.


secular public building
Szabadság tér

Statue of Lajos Kossuth

public square statue
Szabadság tér
Kölcsey u. 12.

Culture Center, Museum and Library Körmend

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Berzsenyi utca 11.

Statue of John of Nepomuk

public square statue
Hegyalja utca 2.

Old town hall

secular public building
Szabadság tér

Museums (2)

Rába Local History Museum

local historical collection, exhibition hall, regional museum
Batthyány út 3.

Border Guard Historical Museum

historical museum
Alkotmány u. 5.

Nature (3)


Körmend Castle Park

nature conservation area
Várkör utca

Dobogó Snowflake Forest

nature conservation area

Churches (3)

Thököly utca 21.
Kossuth u. 24.
Faludi Ferenc u. 3.

Freetime »

Freetime (1)

Fit Studio

aerobic-type training, fitness room, squash, wellness room
Németh Mária utca 4.

Hunting (1)

Hospitality »

Hospitality (17)

Café Bakelit

cafeteria, café
Rákóczi u. 18.

Berki Restaurant and Hotel

restaurant, inn
Rákóczi utca 77.

Danielo Pizzeria and Restaurant

restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Kölcsey út 1/A

Dreher Pub and Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Rákóczi út 1-3.

Eszkimó Confectionery

Rákóczi út 51.

Gőzmalom Mediterran Restaurant and Pizzeria

restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café, pizzeria
Rákóczi utca 53.

Halászcsárda Pension and Restaurant

wine bar, wine bar, folk restaurant, restaurant, inn, breakfast bar, beer bar
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 20.

Hubertus Pub

wine bar
Rákóczi Ferenc utca 39.


cafeteria, café, pub
Bástya utca 25.

Kónya Vendéglő

restaurant, inn
Hunyadi János utca 39.