Kiskunfélegyháza and its surroundings offer lots of unique values and experience to discover for the visitors. The town is full of historical and cultural sights. Walking around the town the visitor can see several monuments and things worth visiting. Our thermal water, the organic products grown in the area and the closeness of the nature offer a spiritual "purification", a relax from the hactic everyday life. Suggested walking tours:Welcome to Kiskunfélegyháza, where guests can meet rich... tovább n meet rich programme offers, art and cultural events and programmes, which are reserved the traditions. Get to know the taste, the colours and the atmosphere of our town. So join to our sightseeing tour! Let’s start from a historical building used to the former Szabo-mansion. Our first stop is the Town Hall, which is the symbol of the town and it was built in a secessionist style in 1911. The Assembly hall is a compelling beauty. The typical Hungarian tulip-motives and the majolica decorations - which decorate the Town Hall’s wall – were made by the Zsolnay factory. The Town Hall is the most beautiful building of the town with its 45 m high tower. Our second stop is the Ferenc Móra Community Centre, which is located beside the Town Hall. It offers different programs for its guests in the whole year. After a short walk we can arrive at the Kiskun Museum. The only Prison Museum of Hungary can be found in this museum with different permanent and temporary exhibitions. A lot of famous brigands were put in this prison. In the yard- that is the yard of the former Kiskun Captaincy- a windmill can be found made by Pajkos-Szabó. It has especially beautiful carved stone bench. Our next stop is the Memorial House of Ferenc Móra. Ferenc Móra the famous Hungarian writer was born here. In the house there is a museum, which was opened in 1972, and it represents life and activity of the writer. The whole building was built in the middle of the XIX. century, and it was renovated in 1979. In the museum the visitors can find documents about his parents’ life, some photos and some letters. All of these belong to the Kiskun Museum in Kiskunfélegyháza, and the Ferenc Móra Museum in Szeged. Next sight is the Baroque style Old Church, which was started to built in 1749. Its stones were carried from the nearby Kővágóér. However it had already stood, when its tower was destroyed by the mistakes of the builders, so it was rebuilt again. Its consecration was performed by the Bishop from Vác in 1761. There was built a new roof in 1770, of which shingle roof got a new copper covering in 1803. The church’s building is 48,5 m long, 13 m wide and 22,7 m high. Its tower is 53,6 m high. The church’s altar-piece immortalizes the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth, and it was painted by Antal Fazekas in 1816. The copf style baptismal well was built in 1780, the rococo style pulpit and the altar on the side were built in 1763. There are 2 significant statues in front of the church. Walking through the market-place we can arrive at the beautiful building of Swan House. It (in the style of classicism) was built in 1819-1820 according to the plans of János Mayerhoffer. The building was a real ornament of the market-place with its arcades facing the market-place, on its facade with the inn-signboard depecting a swan. Sándor Petőfi’s father rented the building for his butcher shop from 1824 to 1830. Today the Sándor Petőfi Public Library can be found here. The Swan House got its name from the inn-signboard. Opposite the Swan House visitors can see the statue of Sándor Petőfi, who was one of the biggest Hungarian poets. This statue- made by Miklós Köllő- originally stood in the main square of Segesvár, which is the twinning-town of Kiskunfélegyháza. During the First World War it was transported to Kiskunfélegyháza. Our final destination through the St. John’s Square is the St. John’s statue, which is facing the Town Hall. We hope, our sightseeing tour was interesting for you and you can choose from our programs and spent your freetime usefully!

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Bács-Kiskun county
District: Kiskunfélegyházi
Subregion: Kiskunfélegyházai
Area: 256.3 km2
Population: 29,567 people
Webpage: www.kiskunfelegyhaza.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
18 °C
Windchill: 16 °C
Humidity: 42 %
Pressure: 1035 hPa
Wind: 11 km/h SW

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Oazis Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Szegedi utca 13.
X. körzet tanya 46°42'25.99"É 19°55'26.06"K
dr. holló lajos utca 9

Péteri Lake

nature conservation area
Külterületen a Monostori csárdánál
Móra Ferenc utca 19.

Calvary and chapel

other, religious building
Móra Ferenc tér 17.


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Kiskunfélegyháza › South: Kiskunféle
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