Accessible: 35 Kesznyéten is the village of running waters, because 3 rivers (Takta, Sajó, Tisza) and the plant water channel from Hernád meet on its borders. Owing to this the territory of the settlement was inhabited for many thousand years, which is proved by archaeological findings of the late bronze and early iron eras. The village was first mentioned in 1252, when it was owned by Mahard from Aba clan. Under the influence of the Reformation Kesznyéten became a Reformist settlement, and in... tovább in 1595 it had its own church, while in 1652 its own school. In the seventeenth century Rákóczis created the Hajdú settlements in the Sajó- Hernád anabranches, and in Kesznyéten as well. The small hydro-electric station, producing some MWt energy, that almost became an industrial history monument, is a sightseeing of the village. The former washland among the Takta, Sajó and Tisza rivers is a part of Kesznyéten Landscape Protection Area. This status was granted to the settlement in the year 1990. Expansion of more than 6 thousand ha area is underway. Peculiarity of landscape protection area is the open land, washland that is created by the often changing on small place of forests, meadows, willow plantations, bogs and fens. 14 various valued plant combinations, 58 valued plant kinds and 50 kinds of animals live here. Besides that there are a lot of different kinds of birds in this area. In order to preserve these natural values only traditional husbandry, pasture stock-farm and grass husbandry is permitted in the region

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
District: Tiszaújvárosi
Subregion: Tiszaújvárosi
Area: 36.41 km2
Population: 1,845 people
Webpage: www.kesznyeten.hu

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Szétszórt felhőzet
Cloudy: 48%
6 °C
Windchill: -3 °C
Humidity: 70 %
Pressure: 1022 hPa
Wind: 22 km/h N

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Béke tér 15.

Protected Area Kesznyeten

nature protection area
Kesznyéteni Tájvédelmi Körzet

Country house

local historical collection
Béke tér 17


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Oszlár: M3 − 166,7 km] Tisza híd − Budapest felé
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Szeötstanya: M30 − 22,4 km] Miskolc térsége [Budapest felé
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