Jászberény lies 80 kilometres east of Budapest and 40 kilometres south of the Matra mountains on the banks of the Rivers Zagyva and Tarna. This region is a kind of transition from the Great Hungarian Plain to the slopes of the Matra Mountains, which wheather permitting, can clearly be seen from the town. Jászberény, which has 28 thousand inhabitants, possesses unique geographical, ethnical and historical features. The countryside surrounding the town has preserved its long standing... tovább ng characteristics, an outing, a walk along the river Zagyva in Hajta nature conservation area or along the romantic, almost untouched grovy banks of old -Zagyva, can be an unforgettable experience.
Suggested walking tours: You should start your sightseeing walk on Lehel vezér square in the Touriform office, which is located in Déryné Cultural Center, in the former Lehel Hotel. The hotel was built in 1894 next to Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School. Today the classrooms of the secondary school are in the uptairs rooms of the former hotel. On the square in front of the building the latest ornamental fountain „Maid with Jug” is standing. The imposing old building on the other side of the fountain was the headquarters of the one-time Triple Boroughs, nowadays it houses of the Law-courts. A jail was built on its yard in 1763. Today shops, a restaurant and sporting facilities are inviting the visitors. On another point of the square the Town Hall is lying. At the back stand of the Jász Museum. The symbol of Jász people, our precious national relic, Lehel´s horn can be seen here. This beautifully carved ivory horn dates back to the 11th-12th centuries. They dispose of a rich local historical collection, too. By walking on the main square, at the end of the Holló András street, you can behold in a nice ambience of the statues in Rococo style along the bank of the River Zagyva. To glance right shows up the Stonebridge, on the left the foot lumber-bridge. To get by the Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School you should continue your way on the Szentháromság square, where you can see the monument to the Victims of World War I., a Jász-Hussar, with the horn in his hand. Deep in the park you can see the Chapel Rosalie. On the square the statue of the Holy Trinity was erected to the memory of the cholera epidemic in 1831. Behind it there is a Calvary set up in 1752, another name of it is the „Pálinkás” Crucifix. The Roman Catholic Main Church of Our Lady exheeds above them, next to it the Roman Catholic parsonage can be found. On the way towards the Nádor street you are passing the Székely Mihály School, which is part of the Downtown Primary School and the Two-language Chatolic Primary School of „Our Lady”, it was a nunnery sometime ago. Opposite the school stands the Shepherd Crucifix. Keeping on you arrive to the Hamza Collection and Jász Gallery. Walking in the Nádor street you can expect the Palatine Column. Left on the place of the old water-mill lies the Town Thermal Bath and Open Air Swimming Pool. You should go on the Hatvani street out of the town and you reach to the Jesus Name Church and Monastery. In the park outside the church the Calvary and the Statue of Mary can be seen. In the middle of the park there is the Turkish-Hungarian Memorial. Behind the church stands the Memorial for the Heroes and Martyrs of the War of Revolution and Indipendence of 1956. Then you should do a longer walk to the Szentkúti square. On the way, after the Town Open Air Swimming Pool in front of the Margaret Island, at the corner of the Thököly and Rákóczi street the Bust of Sándor Petőfi and the Memorial Column for the Heroes of 1848 can be found. On the Thököly street you can reach the Reformed Church. At the crossing in the Szövetkezet street stand right under the trees stands the Bust of Count Albert Apponyi. In the direction of Farmos on the Szentkúti square you can find the Holy Well Church. In the park there is the II. Wolrd War Memorial. Return there and you should continue your sightseeing at the end of the main square, on the Szabadság square, where you can survey the Fur-Coated Shepherd Well. Return to the main square the Monument to Jász people towers above us. It shapes a jazygo-cumanian captain with the Lehel’s Horn in his hand. Right at the end of the little street the former Jászkürt Inn can be found, which was erected in 1731. This building used to be the only inn of the town for 164 years. Across the street of the Jász Museum you can reach the Ady Endre street, where you can see the Bust of Endre Ady, in front of the Jazygian AFÉSZ Hall. At the end of the street the Protected Cemetery Garden lies, which is in the Fehértói Cemetery. It used to be under the Ottoman occupation. Here lies many men of note. At the end of your sightseeing walk return to the Tourinform Office, where your stay in Jászberény or your further journey can be helped by a lot of other helpful information. In the office you can find the latest free inland brochures. On working days from 8 to 17 Tourinform's helpdesk employees are pleased to inform you, also in foreign languages, about accommodation, restaurants, transport, programmes, attractions and services in the local, religional or national perspective. Tourinform offices distribute free brochures, sell maps, guidebooks, tourist card, picture postcards, local programmes, accommodation nad tickets for a range of different events.


Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
District: Jászberényi
Subregion: Jászberényi
Area: 221.35 km2
Population: 26,809 people
Webpage: www.jaszbereny.hu

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Kissé felhős
Cloudy: 15%
13 °C
Windchill: 16 °C
Humidity: 69 %
Pressure: 1035 hPa
Wind: 3 km/h N

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Stone pictures

public square statue
Szent Imre herceg út, Kőkép u., Szobor u.

Szikra Galéria Restaurant,Café

restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café
Rákóczi u 40.
Nagykátai út (Régi katonai gyakorló tér)

Peasant house

private house
Kun utca 2.

Kehely Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Kossuth L. utca 66.
Thököly út 15.


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