Patriot Monument


Name: Patriot Monument
Type: Sights / monument
Settlement: Isaszeg
Address: 2117 Isaszeg, Szobor-hegy


The Sculpture Hill (Liberty Hill), the battle scene is important. 30 spring of 1849, the Austrian artillery guns set up to receive the Hungarians. The Hungarian infantry bayonet assault ousted the Austrians, and their "ütegeit" was set up. The iron fence surrounded by contemporary sculpture dressed soldiers marching bearer depicts a battle in 1901, the 50th anniversary of the donation made by the national public. Bela Radnay sculptor, the sculptor was John Fadrusz readers. Shelf of the four senior generals: Görgey, Damjanich, Klapka Aulich and visible relief. The statue's base is established under the tomb, here were collected from the fallen remains of the village's downtown. The trail leads to the red cross station Soldier Monument. The Catholic church in the middle of the village starting in the second opening Ady Endre street alley leading to the statue. The statue of Hill walking alongside, reaching the landscape protection area, a serpentine road to Honvédsírok.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Architectural style:others


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