A big host's house


Name: A big host's house
Type: Sights / private house
Settlement: Ipolyvece
Address: 2669 Ipolyvece, Dózsa György út 17.


Deme János built up the building complex with a folk character the XIX. in a century. You raise a cellared, two-storey granary opposite the apartment house, there is poultry house beside it, it though large well. The apartment house was founded on the western border of the plot, originally room - kitchen - pantry - pantry stable with an arrangement. A stable consisting in a cross closes the yard, in the middle kocsidriving through. There are separate rooms in the barn, onto the aim of a car position, a wood-shed and engine room. They protect the full mechanical equipment here.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Open to visitors:cannot be visited
Architectural style:Folk


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