Gábor Bethlen Reformed High School


Name: Gábor Bethlen Reformed High School
Type: Sights / secular public building
Settlement: Hódmezővásárhely
Address: 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Szőnyi utca 2.


The Grammar School – connected to the Debrecen boarding-school – became a nonstop active latin school in 1723. In 1822 on the place of the old school the new Reformed Old Grammar School was built. In 1883 they extended it with a new wing, the building that is used today was built between 1896 and 1897. It was rearranged to classical scholar grammar school in 1924. The school took the name of Gabor Bethlen (1580-1629) in 1930. In 1948 the school was nationalized. The building has three floors and it was built by the plans of Gyula Sándy. It’s style combines the early renaissance and Hungarian folk motives. The master builder Gyula Sándi (1868-1953) worked with Imre Steind and Samu Petz. His most important works are: The post office in Ujpest, churches in Kaposvár and in Székesfehérvár. In the hall you can see statues of Gábor Bethlen and János Arany (by István Kamotsay), a memorial plate of the victims of the second World War and a few lines from László Németh carved into wood. The school’s library has two parts. The „teacher’s library” is on the ground floor and has 45 thousand books and on the first floor there is the juvenile library which has 25 thousand books. This two and a half century old library is the pride of the city. The book collection grow bigger from 1758 by the books of Sámuel Széll, Ferenc Nagy and Elek Baranyi. The library has a lot of rare and exceptional books such as: Sermones Pomeri by Pelbárt Temesvári, Rerum Ungaricarum decades by Bonfini, an 11 language dictionary by Abrosius Calepinus. In 1957 László Németh offered his Kossuth pize to help the library grow and prosper. The „Radnoti-door” of the juvenile library is similar to the Porta de Paradiso in Firenze. The Patheon on the ground floor and on the first floor commemorate the great characters of the grammar school and Hódmezővásárhely. Most of the portraits were made by sculptor pups who worked there during the summer. The embossments in the hall are: Sámuel Banga teacher, Lajos Bíbó writer, Bertalan Bodnár teacher, Béla Endre painter, Mihály Futó teacher, Imre Garzsó teacher, József Imre doctor, Sándor Imre writer, Zoltán Ivánka teacher. Ede Kallós sculptor, György Karády teacher, Ferenc Kovács scholar and politician, János Muzsi teacher, György Nagy lawyer and politician, Ede Ormos journalist, Ferenc Pákozdy poet, János Pásztor sculptorm Attila Péczely musician, József Szerdahelyi actor, István Tálasi ethnographer. The roman sarcophag and the sculptures in the yard are from Brigetio (Ószőny), Béla Matók the former head-prosecutor of Vásárhely gave those to the grammar school. The bronze fountain was made by István Kamotsay in 1967. The inscriptions are the works of István Kamotsay ( István Kamotsay was a sculptor born in Hódmezővásárhely and he spent a few years in the Bethlen Grammar School), he taught János Pásztor and Pál Pátzay).

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:During the school term.
Open to visitors:During the school term.
Door money:it is free
Wheelchair accessible:no
Services:café, buffet, toilet/WC
Architectural style:eclectic
Function:cultural institution


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