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The town and its large surroundings have been inhabited for several thousands of years. The famous statue of the „Vénusz of Kökénydomb” dating from the neolitic age. Besides it other archeological findings from various age can be seen in the János Tornyai Museum. In the 13th century there were some villages here and by the middle of the 15th century, a market-town was formed through the fusion of the small villages. In the 19th century the population was increasing, in 1873 the town obtained an... tovább an independent municipal right. The current appearance of the town centre was due to the significant building-works carried out at the turn of the century. In 1890 the population was more than 55000, and it was the fourth largest town in Hungary. One part of the population lived on farms, and during the winter time they moved to the town. The agriculture and animal husbandry provided the sources of living. In 1990 Hódmezővásárhely became a munincipality with county law and it formed its own local government. Nowadays Hódmezővásárhely is an important cultural and economic centre of the Great Plain. This town is well-known for its pottery and embroidery. About the embroidery: its base materials were hemp and flax. The thread was made from sheep’s wool coloured with vegetable dyes. They are working table-cloths, curtains and pillowcases. Tourism The Water Resort and the Swimming Pool is in the centre of the town, in a green wooded, landscaped environment. With its qualified thermal water, 4 outdoor pools, the indoor swimming pool, massage, sauna and other services helping in relaxing for the tourists. Horse riding and hunting are available here. Regular Events in the town -Saint George’s day Shepherd’s competition and the days of animal husbandry on the Great Plain, every year in April. The public is entertained by horse-riding programs, shows, ox-roasting, a pig catching competition and other interesting activities. -The celebration of music in June. During this ceremony concerts and shows are held here in Kossuth square. -Saint Stephen’s Day in August. During these days delegations from the twin-towns of Hódmezővásárhely arrive and perform in the ceremonial folk dance and opera gala, wine festival etc. -Events during the weeks of Autumn. It starts the first weekend of October and lasts until December. Visitors can view the works of the artists from the surrounding areas.
Suggested walking tours: Hódmezővásárhely can be found in the South-East part of the Great Plain, 25 kilometers from Szeged, in the junction of Road 45 and 47. The town has the second largest administrative area and it is a significant educational, economical, cultural and art centre of the South- Plain Region. In the town, which has close to 48 000 inhabitants, not only infrasructural development, but cultural and art recovery have also started. The cultural roots and traditions of Hódmezővásárhely are very rich.
Start our walking tour from the Tourinform Office what is situated near the main square of the town, Kossuth Square . The square is a totally parked place, which at the same time is the favourite relax place of the inhabitants. The south part of the square the 56 meters long tower of the Town Hall, which is designed in echlectic style by Miklós Ybl in 1892-93, can be found. Magnificent windows, ornamented with colourful leaden glass, light the flight of stairs. The route passes from the hallway to the Main Hall, where enormous paintings can be situated. The West part of the square, the neobaroque building of Hotel Fekete Sas stands with its monumental, carved onamented windows. The building was built in 1905, under the plans of Gyula Pártos. The representative and fantastic hall of the Fekete Sas is the scene of balls and local events. The palace of the Hungarian Credit Bank (Square Kossuth) was built in 1906-07. Its dome is ornamented with the sculpture of Merkúr (the Roman God of merchants and changers). Besid the imposing building, several sculptures can be found in the square. Through the walk street we can reach the Emlékpont Museum (Andrássy street 34.). The first Emlékpont of Hungary waits for visitors under temporary exhibition with the modernest technology and museum pedagogic possibilities, which make tangible and clear for everybody the historic periods of communist dictatorship, which determined the life of the inhabitants of Hódmezővásárhely during the last 50 years. Next to the museum, in the Downtown Pottery House people can learn more about the story of the pottery in Hódmezővásárhely. In the nice showroom, the work of Sándor Ambrus, potter can be found, but the arts of guest handcrafters are often displayed here. Beside the potter-wheeling display, enquires can try the potter-wheeling, painting and the clay pugging. Goes ahead in the left side of the István Szent, the Synagogue stands, which was built in 1857 and was renovated one year before. Behind the building Holocaust Exhibition waits for visitors to show the big tragedy of the humanity. The dinamical development of the town not only international awards, but the grow of tourism also show. The number of inhabitants of Hódmezővásárhely is also growing. Important developments are: Swimming Pool, Emlékpont Museum, the New Sport Arena, lots of bicycle-roads, Road 47 between Hódmezővásárhely and Szeged, the build of bypass road and in the future, the construction of 4* hotel in the town centre.
The governance of the town work hard in order to make Hódmezővásárhely the most outstanding and dinamically developped town in the South-Plain Region. After the short presentation, hopefully you want to explore the rich treasures of this area which ensure You unforgettable experiences, to where return will be worthwhile.

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Monuments (15)

The building of the Bank

secular public building
Kossuth tér 5.

Gábor Bethlen Reformed High School

secular public building
Szőnyi utca 2.

The building of the Fekete Sas Hotel

secular public building
Kossuth tér 3.
Szegedi úti Motocross Pálya

Károlyi House

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Andássy út 13.

The statue of Lajos Kossuth

public square statue
Kossuth tér

Museums (10)

Alföldi Gallery

exhibition hall
Kossuth tér 8.

Downtown Pottery House

exhibition hall, professional collection
Lánc utca 3.

Csúcsi Pottery House

regional museum
Rákóczi utca 101.

Remembrance Point

memorial museum
Andrássy út 34.

Embroidery Studio

local historical collection
Szent István utca 77.

Holocaust Museum

memorial museum, exhibition hall
Szent István tér 2.
Andrássy út 44.
Árpád utca 21.

Cellar Museum

exhibition hall
Petőfi utca 6.

János Tornyai Museum

memorial museum, local historical collection, historical museum
Dr. Rapcsák András út 16-18.

Nature (1)

White Lake Kardoskút

nature protection area
Székkutas Kardoskút

Churches (11)

Petőfi utca 20.
Dr Rapcsák András utca 7.
Kálvin tér 5.
Klauzál utca
Szent István tér 4.
Pálffy utca 78.

Freetime »

Freetime (7)

Imsi Balogh Sportcentre

fitness room, handball field, basketball court, volleyball
Szegfű utca 6/A.

Tennis Club

Szabadság tér 95/a

Hódtó Sport and Free time Centre

aerobic-type training, table tennis, football field, bicycling, handball field, basketball court, volleyball
Tóalj utca

Hódtó Sport Hall

table tennis, football field, handball field, basketball court, volleyball
Ormos Ede utca 18.

Open air skating ring

skating rink
Kossuth tér

Stadium Hódmezővásárhely

other, football field
Szabadság tér 66.

Fishing (1)

Horse riding (3)

Hunting (6)

Hospitality »

Hospitality (23)

Bagolyvár Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Kaszap u. 27.

Árpád Balog 's winery

winery, Wine cellar
Zrínyi utca 95.

Bandula Inn

restaurant, inn
Pálffy utca 2.

Cézár Pizzeria

Bartók Béla utca 27.

Don Pedro Pizzeria

restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Tóalj utca 17.

Fekete Sas Café

cafeteria, café
Kossuth tér 3.

Halászcsárda Inn

folk restaurant
Táncsics Mihály utca 28.

Hordó Pub and Pizzeria

drink bar, night club, restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Városház utca 3.

Kenguru Inn

folk restaurant
Szántó Kovács J. utca 78.