Name: Heritage Museum
Type: Sights / local historical collection, regional museum
Settlement: Hercegkút
Address: 3958 Hercegkút, Kossuth utca 9.


The Swabian Museum is presenting the Swabian community's contemporary objects, his memories his 2006. June serious natural disaster hit it. The cane roof burst into flame as a result of a thunderbolt and burned out totally. Considerable values turned from a travel viewpoint into the prey of the flames beside the strengthening of the Swabian identity consciousness. The hercegkúti by way of residents through long decades guarded, then Swabian Museum's period equipment his aim, from a community interest offered furnitures, devices, documents irreplaceable, personal memories were connected with all. The re-passing of Swabian Museum symbolize the community's champing following a finished architectural reconstruction on the end of the 2007. May 2007. August was found on 18 row. The provincial house flaunting a rich collection similarly to his predecessor since then continuously can be visited.

Detailed information

Phone:+3647346101, +36304740379
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Open to visitors:based on preliminary cheque-in
Door money:free
Nature:ethnographical, historical


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