Giardinetto d' Italia Restaurant


Name: Giardinetto d' Italia Restaurant
Type: Hospitality / restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Settlement: Gyöngyös
Address: 3200 Gyöngyös, Rózsa u. 8.


We opened our restaurant in August 2000. in centre of Gyöngyös, in a garden behind statue of “Huszár”, which is symbol of the town. Forming the inner area of the restaurant, we endeavoured to create a friendly, warm and Mediterranen place. Winter garden, gallery and non-smoking inner hall is suitable for accepting 100 people. In Summer outdoor grill party, live music and Mediterranen dinner evenings colour offer of our restaurant. We have a great emphasize on development and renewal of our restaurant that our guests can taste a newer slice of “great pizza” of Italy when they visit us. We tried to create Italian feeling to life and gastronomy, but on the other hand to provide something new to our visitors. We wait our guests with polite service, delicious Italian meals and drinks in Gyöngyös, in the city of grapes and wine, at the foot of the Mátra.

Detailed information

Standard of prices:medium/average
Capacity:100 people
Cuisine:Italian, vegetarian
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Monday: 11.30 am.- 9.00 pm.<br> Tuesday:11.30 am.- 9.30 pm. <br> Wednesday:11.30 am.- 10.00 pm. <br> Thursday: 11.30 am.- 10.00 pm. <br> Friday:11.30 am. - 11.00 pm.<br> Saturday:11.30 am. - 11.30 pm.<br> Sunday:11.30 am. - 9.00 pm.<br> <br> Free house d
Payment:Credit card, Erzsebet-card, Szechenyi Card
Wheelchair accessible:partially
Category:2nd category
Services:services for children, high chair


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