Gyomaendrőd is a small town, located in the southern-eastern area of Hungary, the northern part of Békés County, on the left side of the river called Hármas-Körös. Gyomaendrőd is a calm, peaceful town on the Great-Plain, in the south-eastern part of Hungary. Thanks to the unique natural and cultural values, more and more tourists visit the town during the summer. Gyoma of Reformed religion and the Catholic Endrőd united under the name Gyomaendrőd, and it became a town in 1989. Gyomaendrőd is... tovább s located in the riverside of Hármas-Körös, known as the cleanest river of Hungary, and it is not only the paradise of the fishermen and lovers of water sports, but – thanks to its famous medicinal water – also the destination of the guests seeking cure. The town, being 160 km far from Budapest, could be approached on main road 46 from Mezőtúr and Mezőberény, on main road 44 from Szarvas and Kondoros, and on main road 4 from Kisújszállás – Dévaványa.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Békés county
District: Gyomaendrődi
Subregion: Szarvasi
Area: 303.94 km2
Population: 13,688 people
Webpage: www.gyomaendrod.hu

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Szitáló eső
Cloudy: 90%
7 °C
Windchill: -2 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Pressure: 999 hPa
Wind: 26 km/h SW

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Hármas-Körös folyó 77,3-77,35 fkm közötti szakasza

Chestnut Trees

national park
Torzsás üdülőpart


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