It is a large village in the south-eastern part of the county. The settlement has been inhabited for several hundred years, the word “szállás” in its name refers to the quarters of the captains of the Cumans. During the Ottoman Conquest the settlement became deserted for a long time, then, in 1526 captain Túróczi of Várpalota got it as a royal estate. After this the Cistercian order of the Catholic Church bought it and created an economic centre here on 42.000 “hold” of land. A late baroque... tovább Catholic Church was built in the 1780s together with a Cistercian monastery. In 1928 it became independent by regulating its own public administration. Between the two world wars it became a farmstead with a local narrow-gauge railway and was well-known all over the country. Its horse-breeding and livestock-raising were also famous. The village is near Dunafüldvár and Dunaújváros, so it can be accessed easily from both directions on road 61.

Settlement Info

Legal status: large village
County: Fejér county
District: Dunaújvárosi
Subregion: Dunaújvárosi
Area: 39.98 km2
Population: 2,365 people
Webpage: www.eloszallas.hu

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Cloudy: 90%
-1 °C
Windchill: -3 °C
Humidity: 100 %
Pressure: 1020 hPa
Wind: 8 km/h NW

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Szögletkert 3.

Vincze Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Balatoni út 3.

East Mezőföld Loess-valley

nature conservation area
Túzok természetvédelmi terület


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