Egerszalók is a village having almost 2000 inhabitants between the Mátra and the Bükk mountains in the valley of the brook Laskó. Egerszalók was first mentioned in a charter in 1248: the clan Szalók settled here and the place was named after it. The settlement must have developed gradually, good vineyards and wine were found in the valley. The most important sight is the thermal spring breaking out in the southern part of the village. There was a church in Egerszalók even in the Middle Ages, the... tovább e Catholic church which can be seen today was built in 1738. You can find the Miraculous Mary-icon and an 18th-century Mary-statue carved from wood in rococo style. Egerszalók has been a settlement where you can feel as at home due to its landscape and environment for centuries. The ancient findings on the side of the Várhegy prove this, too. At the edge of the village we can find the so-called beehive stones. These are unique riolite tuff conical formations. Three of them can be admired by visitors seeking adventure. On the southern part of the village there are cave dwellings carved in the riolite tuff.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Heves county
District: Egri
Subregion: Egri
Area: 23.11 km2
Population: 1,927 people
Webpage: www.egerszalok.hu

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Kissé felhős
Cloudy: 12%
-1 °C
Windchill: 4 °C
Humidity: 94 %
Pressure: 1045 hPa
Wind: 3 km/h W

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Thermál Pension Restaurant

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Széchenyi út 4.

Piroska Étterem és Pinceborozó

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Ady Endre út 42.

Mesés Shiraz Wellness & Training Hotel****superior

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Kohári Weincellar and Guesthouse

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Külsősor út 1.

Thermál Park Egerszalók****

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Thermal kemping sor 1-3.

Petrény Wine Pension

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Ady Endre út 11.


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