Ecséd end-lake


Name: Ecséd end-lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Ecséd
Address: 3013 Ecséd, Ecsédi tó


He took shape as a closing pit for Hungary's first lignite mine. Following the 1970 pit closure until the today's day from 9 sources is charged through the more million year coal walls with a crystal clear spring water. A brook does not pollute it, there is not agricultural cultivation on his area. He got into a private property in 1995. We reached it since the lake and his neighbourhood are nature conservation areas, and let there be drinking water basis. All of the indigenous fish races of Hungary which can be found in 40 year lakes, freshwater one are a jelly-fish and cancers. We work in order to preserve all this for our children and our grandchildren in the future.

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Opening period:February 10. - December 9.
Services:toilet, shower


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