Name: River Drava
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Drávaszabolcs
Address: 7851 Drávaszabolcs, -


Characteristics of the River Drava: This river has the cleanest water in Hungary, but it is a sweeping, vortiginous wild water, so it is always very interesting to the anglers.The coastal flora and fauna is untouched and today it belongs to tha Duna-Drava National Park.The border is not run along the other side of the river, so watch out ! Ij you wish a little romaticism or natural beauty, it gives you great pleasure !

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Fishing time: 01/01-12/31; Night angling: Night fishing time: 01/01-12/31
Prices:Annual fee: Year price: 4.500.- HUf Student: 2.200.- HUF; Daily fee: Day Price: 1000.- HUF Student: 500.- HUF
Wheelchair accessible:no
Fishing possibility
Water area:600 ha


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