The town of Csorvás is located in the Northern part of the Orosháza Region, 15 km from Orosháza. Csorvás is considered a village typical of the Great Plains, because of the chess-board-like arrangement of its streets. This settlement has been populated since the Neolithic Age. In the 1150s it used to be a “church village”. It was first mentioned in written sources in 1456. After the driving out of the Turkish, Baron János Harruckern was donated the village, who utilized it through leasing.... tovább g. Mainly the bondsmen of Gyula settled on the puszta. There are close family links to Pongrácz Kacsóh, who, according to tradition, composed part of the musical comedy János Vitéz (John the Valiant) here, as well as the famous Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók, who collected folk songs in the area. In the Catholic cemetery can be observed the Bartók Memorial Place. For tourists, the most famous among rare plants is the Transylvanian pheasant’s eye growing in the surroundings of Csorvás, which can only be found here in Hungary. Among the sights, the Millennial Ornamental Well, the bronze bust of Szilárd Sztojanovics, Captain of the National Guard, I. and II. World War Memorial, the Trianon Memorial are worth mentioning. The three churches built around the main square are a typical architectural features of the settlement. Among the buildings the General Cultural Center represents the highest architectural and aesthetics standards, which may also be understood as a symbol of the community’s idea of becoming a town. The Reck mansion planned by Miklós Ybl Architect is located in the outskirts. The remnants of the Wenckheim Mansion in the Petőfi Puszta can now be found in a Natural Park of 4 hectares. The Perneczki Tavern, where the famous outlaw, Gyurka Babály was shot, is also ruined. Csorvás welcomes its visitors with various interesting programs. In February there is the Traditional Slovak Feast of Pig Killing, and in March there is Danube-Körös-Maros-Tisza Euro region Folk Music Competition commemorating Béla Bartók. During the summer, two remarkable programs attract guests longing for entertainment, which includes the Wheat Festival, the International Wedding Culinary Days. On the Csorvás Farmer Day held in September, the visitors can attend special lectures and presentations, and can also see a horse-race and a folk art fair. The Sunday following Teréz Day is the day of the local dedication church festival. The restaurants Fényes Étterem and Família Kisvendéglő provide a taste of the local cuisine.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Békés county
District: Békéscsabai
Subregion: Orosházai
Area: 90.18 km2
Population: 4,962 people
Webpage: www.csorvas.hu

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Szétszórt felhőzet
Cloudy: 40%
26 °C
Windchill: 26 °C
Humidity: 58 %
Pressure: 1018 hPa
Wind: 5 km/h N

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István király utca 26.

Fényes Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Rákóczi utca 16.
Szabadság tér

Statue of Szilárd Stojanovits

public square statue
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 16.


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