Rákoskeresztúr New Public Cemetery , Plot 298., 300. and 301.


Name: Rákoskeresztúr New Public Cemetery , Plot 298., 300. and 301.
Type: Sights / memorial place, national memorial, cemetery
Settlement: Budapest
Address: 1108 Budapest, Kozma utca 8-10.


The „cemetery memorial” to post-1945 Hungarian history, where the remains of politicians, soldiers, public figures, workers, students and farmers sentenced on false accusations in mock trials and executed after 1945 and 1956 are buried. Their graves are part of the National Graveyard. A symbolic place representing national belonging and opposition to the communist oppression. Prior to 1990, it hosted silent protests against the incumbent power evoking memories of 1956. Nowadays one of the most important sites for commemorating the 1956 revolution and freedom fight.

Detailed information

Phone:+3614337300, +3614337325
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:January and February 7:30-17:00 Marc 7:00-17:30 April 7:00-19:00 May, June and July 7:00-20:00 August 7:00-19:00 September 7:00-18:00 October 7:00-17:00 November and December 7:30-17:00 December 7:30-17:00
Door money:free of charge
Architectural style:others, eclectic


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