Serpenyős Restaurant


Name: Serpenyős Restaurant
Type: Hospitality / restaurant, inn
Settlement: Budapest
Address: 1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 62.


Restaurant “Serpenyos” is located in Buda, at Szépvölgyi road, on the edge of two districts. It has intimate salons, terraces cover with glass and from spring time till autumn the restaurant owes one of Budapest’s most beautiful tea-garden. In this unique ambient we receive our guests for whom it is as important as it is for us, to be served healthy food, although they don’t want to give up on the pleasure of good tastes. Tradition easily, today’s Hungarian cuisine, informally. Naturally it is all natural. It is home cooking kitchen. We do not use artificial flavorings, flavor enhancers, food coloring, preservatives or ingredients that may contain above mentioned food additives. We are the kitchen of the market. We always use local, fresh and seasonal raw materials. On our permanent menu you can find the house’s specialties and frequent guests favorites; all cooked and served in a special fry-pan called “serpenyő”. On our daily and midday special menus the most recent, seasonal offers can be found. On the wine menu we are offering wines that were born with the full respect of their vineyard’s harmony (terroir and organic wines, sometimes wines that proceed from vineyards with biodynamic farming). With Hungarian cuisine’s bests.

Detailed information

Phone:+3613355361, +36209566265
Standard of prices:medium/average
Capacity:65 people
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Mo-Su: 12.00-24.00
Payment:Credit card, Szechenyi Card
Category:2nd category


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