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Accessible: M1 This picturesque little town is rightly regarded as the „Western Gate of Budapest”. It became its name from the conqueror Hungarian chieftain Örs. Between the old highway and the freeway you can see the “Turkish Jump”, which serves the memories of the Turks’ expulsion from Buda. After a legend caused this prone hiatus the fall of the Turks, who were chased by Hungarians. After the expulsion of the Turks the devastated town was by the family Zichy with Germans repopulated. The... tovább Riedl Ferenc Local Historian Collection guards their memories. And if you visit the museum, the excursion is worth to expand with a short walk, which goal should be the Golgota statue group, which was made in the 18-19th century.

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Museums (1)

Local History Collection

local historical collection
Budapesti utca 47.

Nature (2)

Turkish Leaper of Budaörs

nature conservation area

stone Mountain - Budaörs

cave, excursion place, natural monument
Kőszikla utca 30.

Churches (1)

Béke tér

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Freetime (5)

Baross út 161.
Öntő utca 36.
Forrás utca 8.


air sports
Repülőtéri út 2. V. em.

Golf (1)

Gervay Mihály utca 9.

Hunting (1)

Gyár u. 052/2 hrsz.

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Hospitality (30)

8Bar Caféterrace

cafeteria, café
Kálvária utca 28.

Alla Bell' Italia Restaurant

drink bar, restaurant, inn
Agip utca 2.

Andretti Confectionery

Budapesti út 128.

Budakert Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Szabadság út 46.
Budapesti út 30-32.

Csopak Restaurant

restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Munkácsy u. 32.
Kinizsi út 1-3.

Don Pepe

wine bar, wine bar, restaurant, inn, pizzeria, Great Restaurant Day
Gyár utca 2.
Baross u 49.
Szabadság út 120.